Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: How can Gopher Wit give away prizes without charging for membership?
 A: Prizes are provided by our sponsors.

 Q: Why does Gopher Wit need to know my "Gender" and "Age Group" at time of registration?
 A: We try to cater to the majority of our members by providing content that they will find entertaining and informative.

 Q: Does Gopher Wit sell, trade and/or give away any of my personal information?
 A: No, absolutely not, this is affirmed in our “Privacy Policy”.

 Q: Why did I not receive my temporary password?
 A: Email blocks must permit our email. (

 Q: Is the password case sensitive?
 A: Yes.

 Q: What should I do if I can not clearly read the temporary
 A: Just copy and paste it in the password box.

 Q: Where or when can I change me temporary password?
 A: When you log-in, click on the "Account" button and then just
  click on the link [ Edit My Account ] to make your changes.

 Q: Can I set up an account before the "Start Date" of the game?
 A: Yes.

 Q: If the game has started can I still play and see all the clues?
 A: Yes, you can always catch up and view earlier clues.

 Q: When viewing the clue, why does the old image display?
 A: Just click the "Refresh Button" on your internet browser, the
  cache memory could be holding the last image.

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